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BridgeWave Communications Inc.  is the leader manufacturer in the Gigabit RadioLinks products, estabilished in 1999 by a goroup of top engineer coming from the productive area  of the High Performance Wireless Industry.

BridgeWaves products are able to provide 1.25 Gbps of throughput having a great reliability using innovative Technology, Adapt Rate, Adapt Path. There are two  bands available, 60 and 80 GHz, both able to reach 1.25 Gbps, the 80Ghz products are able to  up links up to 9 Km LOS.

The 60Ghz products are ISM Unlicensed (not yet defined in Italy) the 80GHz band is  under definition and actually has been already harmonized in the Italian radio frequencies plane.

BridgeWave provide the optimal  solution to interconnect  F.O. segments of network infrastructures without any performances leaks, ideal For  FTTH extensions or FDDI-RINGS, Campus and Wimax Backhauling Building-to-Building apps.

BridgWave recently introduced the FlexPort series  covering the 11-38 GHz band  and optimizing the spectrum efficiency with a reduction of licensing  fee.

Multicom had succesfully installed many BridgeWave products, having full satisfaction of their incredible performances.


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