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DragonWave Inc. estabilished in 2000,  partially from the evolution of the NewBridge, note in  the Telecommunications market  for the production of Data Transmission Nodes and Packet Switching largely used all over the world by the greatest operators of Telecommunications, as in our country Telecom Italia.

The  products line  located at the top of the Licensed Microwave Carrier Grade, not only in terms of performances, but also of engineering, with products of reduced dimensions surprisingly in an unique Footprint, as Horizon Compact, unlike the most competitors products that typically are type Split Mount, IDU & ODU, introducing major  OPEX . 

The Horizon QUANTUM  is able  to reach long distance links  at 4 Gbps.  HC series is practically available for all the frequency between 6 and 60 GHz and it is also available in HP (High Power ) version .




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