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MOBROAD is the Mobile Survey solution for the citizen public transport that integrates all the services and the developed technologies already employed by Multicom , it takes origin from a natural evolution of WCAM/WCAD from which it takes the "Mobile Core" able to constantly connect itself with a Services Centre sending by Mobile net GPRS / HSUPA/802.16m or through infrastructures Hyper Lan, its own georeferenced informations and others data on the dynamic state of the vehicle of a Company Fleet.

From StorEguard it derives the "Multimedia&Network Core" able to dinamically manage the streaming of Audio Video Surveillance contents toward The Center Services and to realize a control channel for the fruition of contextual advertising and informative contents inside the vehicle during its run.

The Services Centre using dedicated APN, provides at the Company site a complete monitoring suite indicating the status of the whole fleet, in terms of Time, Passengers Traffic, Maintenance Vs.Operatiove. It is also provided graphic interface for the planning and the insertion of the Advertisement & Info contents Two expansion module gateways can be installed to interface Kiosks and video monitoring stations near the stops of line, very useful for e-Tickets emission and overcrowding prevention.

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