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Thanks to his own network infrastructure both wirelss and wireline, Multicom acts the state of the art about Rapid Networking Deploy, itís able to sustain any unexpected broadband connectivity request, even in the most critical sites as missing main power availability, Ice & Mountains sites , high density radio noise, limited accessibility etc. Multicom services can support carrier class communications for Disaster Recovery, Special Events, and also TV broadcast.

The success of a good link, imply a detailed Site Survey, in-depth analysis to detect any potential noise source, and mapping the working area in the spectrum domain, in order to install devices without bringing any troubles to the existing communications, extricating in the complexity of the other radio signals. Multicom Labs provide a powerful technical support to Site Survey , Site Planning & TroubleShooting jobs, performing instrumental analysis able to operate even in the UWB range. For the above reasons, Multicom Labs Team often worked with Ministerial Agency for delicate and complex site troubleshooting jobs into very high density radio emission places.

Multicom provide Forensic Analysis & Consulting services mainly focused on: Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics and Data Recovery, EDP acquiring and analysis for evidences detecting. Database: Data extraction from main database environment like Access, Oracle, Progress, Sap, MySQL etc...

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