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Storeguard® totally designed for FEDERFARMA (Pharmacy Shopkeeper Association) and Chamber of Commerce represents an innovative example of VSAAS , the most recent trend of professional Video Surveillance market .

It is created in order to protect the users from the criminal activities against shops and high risk public interest areas (Extortions - Vandalism - Poaching – Eco-Mafia). The system is an interactive and analytic video surveillance tool strongly oriented to the events dynamics as it is activated by a micro Body Alarm or after alarm for Effraction - Fire - Intrusion triggered by existing security system installed in the site. Once alarm is activated, the occurrence Video/Audio live stream is instantly sent to the OperativeRooms 112 (Carabinieri ) and 113 (Police), an acoustic alarm it also sent and a pop-up list displaying site informations like phone numbers, contact persons and a videoclip containing the last preceding instants of the event, a very useful function in order to evaluate gotten false alarms.

The operators of Police and Carabinieri have in real time the possibility to evaluate the event in progress in order to coordinate emergency intervention agents to act at the site, monitoring constantly the event in progress. All the videos received at the Operating Rooms will remain surely stored since they are potential evidences of illegal acts , and they don't risk to be destroyed if the alarmed site had seriously damages as for fire or explosions.

From a global overview Storeguard® operate over a totally flexible network topology , adaptable to any geographical context, although, in the entry level configuration, the sites use ADSL as access service, a low cost solution largely diffused in the shops, besides the Stream-on-Demand technology is fully compatible with pay for use rates. An hybrid backbone provide connectivity to the Operative Rooms of 112 and 113 terminations according with a provincial hierarchic topology. This VSAAS is the result of a deep Hardware & Software integration with Axis® and Milestone technology and the consolidated partnership with these prestigious Companies.

The heart of the system is realized by a Dual-Engine Control born into Multicom Labs, it is installed at the site, simultaneously manages 4 Video and offers to the owner a real DVR function, totally managed by IP or Stand Alone, the owner posses and manages local recordings and he is able to setup all the DVR, functionalities. Control Unit , being in alarm state, connect automatically the Operative Rooms and simultaneously sends the streaming of the 4 Videos with all the attached accessories data. Storeguard® had installed since 2009 and it’s currently in use for the Province of Caltanissetta, it is a VSAAS extendible to the whole territory with adaptable modularity to any requirement (Institutes of Vigilance, Chains of Supermarkets, Commercial Centers, Parks and Reserves etc.)

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