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WCAM/WCAD is born from the deep experience in the development of GIS solutions and devices for military applications, and from an active cooperation program with the Universities of Palermo, Messina (School of Engineering / Department of Research in Engineering and Systems Automation) and Beijing (School of Architecture Department of Building Science) in a common project of a geo-dynamic Echo -Environmental Monitoring Solution dedicated to the metropolitan areas Eco Survey.

The system is based on a miniaturized Environmental Detecting Unit self powered and designed to be placed on the roof of the of urban line buses. They transmits in real time the main environmental detected data like Pm10, CO,NO2 in conjunction with Humidity Rate and Temperature, as measured along the Bus run.

Such data, are transmitted according to a programmable schedule by net Mobile Radio usingGPRS/GSM connections and then they are processed at the Monitoring Centre obtaining a graphic-dynamic-daily environmental survey of the metropolitan areas at high risk of smog pollution. Such system has been tested in 2007 at the Beijing Olimpic Village in China.

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